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HEPWEK-Peru team visit Moi University School of Medicine for a Medical Exchange


  • Date 8th September, 2023

 hepwek team

The Dean and Associate Dean - School of Medicine joined the HEPWEK-Kenya project team members, Dr. Andrew Wandera, Dr. Fatuma Some et al, in warmly welcoming HEPWEK-Peru team to Moi University School of Medicine. The team leader, Dr. Eloy Franciso Ruiz Figueroa, is a Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Hepatobiliary Surgeon, and Head of the Department of Abdominal Surgery at INEN (National Cancer Institute) in Lima, Peru. Accompanying him were Dr. Elena Aguilar Onofre, Consultant Anaesthesiologist at INEN, and Ms. Jessica Roxana Alarcon Agurto, Theatre Nurse at INEN.

The main objective of the 3-week medical exchange is to enhance the surgical capacity at Moi University School of Medicine and at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital to perform liver resection, with the aim of improving the outcomes of Hepato-Cellular Carcinoma in our country.




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