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Apply now: Postgraduate programmes


The Moi University, School of Medicine invites online applications from qualified candidates in the following programmes:

  1. PhD in Medical Education
  2. PhD in Immunology
  3. Clinical Fellowship in Gynaecologic Oncology - (CFell.Gyn.Onc)
  4. Clinical Fellowship in Maternal-Fetal (Cfell.Maternal - Fetal Medicine)
  5. Clinical Fellowship in Cardiology (CFell Cardiology)
  6. Clinical Fellowship in Paediatric Oncology and Haematology (C.Fell.PHO) Program
  7. Master of Pharmacy in Clinical Pharmacy (MPharm Clin.Pharm)
  8. Master of Science (Immunology)
  9. Master of Science (MSc.) (International Health Research Ethics)
  10. Master of Science (MSc.) (Medical Biochemistry)
  11. Master of Science (MSc.) Medical Education
  12. Master of Science (MSc) Clinical Psychology
  13. Master of Medicine (M.Med):

- Internal Medicine

- Child Health and Paediatrics

- Radiology & Imaging

- Orthopaedic Surgery

- General Surgery

- Family Medicine

- Reproductive Health

- Psychiatry

- Anaesthesia and critical care


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