Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Bachelor of Medical and Surgery

Goals of the Programme

At the end of the programme, the graduate should be able to attain the following major goals:

1) Apply the process of critical reasoning in healthcare.

2) Apply knowledge of physical, chemical, biological, psychological, social,developmental and environmental mechanisms in diagnosis, management and prevention of illness.

3) Practice medicine in a community/population context and contribute to the identification and solving of community health problems.

4) Manage health services.

5) Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions used in dealing with community health problems.

6) Contribute actively to the promotion and maintenance of good health, and the prevention of ill health.

7) Apply principles of research in identifying and managing health problems.

8) Plan and implement training/educational programmes for the community and health workers.

9) Engage in and maintain productive professional relationships.

10) Acquire, evaluate and communicate information appropriately.

11) Adapt to and participate in change.

12) Evaluate own performance, plan and implement own education for the maintenance and further development of own knowledge, skills and attitudes.

13) Have positive and responsive attitudes, and conduct oneself in an ethical and professional manner in all professional duties and responsibilities.

14) Have ability to relate appropriately to the community and take position as a respected member in the community.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree programme, the candidate must satisfy the common requirements for entry into the University as stipulated in the Joint Admissions Board regulations. In addition, candidates must obtain at least the minimum cut off points for the year as determined from the following cluster drawn from the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education structure.

  • Mean Grade of A- at KCSE: A- in Biology and Chemistry; and either Maths or Physics; and either English or Kiswahili- A Weighted Cluster Point of 45 and above is mandatory (using old JAB weighted cluster formula)
  • Minimum of Division I in O’ Level with credit passes in Biology, chemistry ,Maths or Physics and English or Kiswahili and have principal passes in Biology, Chemistry and either Physics or Maths at ‘A’ level
  • Holders of Diplomas, BSc & Masters degrees in related subjects if:
  1. KCSE Graduates, have a Mean Grade of B and B in Biology, Chemistry and either Maths or Physics, and B in either English or Kiswahili.
  2. O’ Level and ‘A’ Level System: O’ Level – Division II with credit passes in Biology, and chemistry, and either Math or Physics and either English or Kiswahili. In A’ Level - Have principal passes in Biology, Chemistry and either Maths/ Physics.
  • O’ level British GCE system: Have at least a B in Biology and Chemistry; and either Maths or Physics and English, additionally at A’ level have at least a B in Biology ,Chemistry and either Maths or Physics

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